We’re excited to announce our 4th The Image, Deconstructed Workshop, and this year’s event looks to be fantastic.

Our workshop will be held on the beautiful campus of University of Colorado Boulder, featuring an incredible lineup of faculty and speakers. Set under the backdrop of the Rockies, Boulder is a beautiful place to be for a weekend, and we’re very fortunate to host our event this year in such a stunning place.

Our workshop is a 3-day immersive workshop experience. Attendees are welcome from all levels of experience. Our training will help attendees become more aware of your own purpose, and how to express that to others more effectively, while building community along the way. Soon, we will announce our schedule and new events/photographic exercises this year.

We hope you’ll consider joining us, it’s going to be an amazing weekend!

Our faculty and staff  includes the following:

Diana Markosian 

Robert Caplin       

Daniella Zalcman 

Evelio Contreras  

Preston Gannaway

Amy Lombard       

Michael Friberg    

Natalie Keyssar     

Logan Mock-Bunting

Jared Soares           

Ross Taylor             

Please check back for occasional updates.