The Image, Deconstructed (www.imagedeconstructed.com) was born out of a conversation between Ross Taylor and Logan Mock-Bunting late one night in Logan’s apartment in Washington, D.C. Longtime friends, the two were talking about the mentality behind visual communication. The late-night conversation manifested into our website and remains an ongoing communication with visual communicators in the industry. It’s a resource by the community, for the community.

In each workshop, we work to help attendee’s look for unique opportunities in the changing marketplace, connect with others who have a similar passion. We also assist in the examination of the simple, but often overlooked question: “Why are you doing, what you’re doing?” We will also help attendees with an actionable plan that they can apply to their career.

It’s a workshop that moves beyond traditional photographic workshops – we help attendees have a better understanding of their voice (and their purpose) and how this fits into a rapidly changing environment.

The faculty represents a wide cross-section of the industry, each of whom will bring their own vision and approach to creating opportunity. They are savvy, kind, accessible and willing to help you achieve a more refined ability to communicate – both verbally and visually.